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Piano It was always a very serious question where to buy a good piano, what brand, condition, price, etc. We made a detailed research on what instrument would be perfect, or at least closest, to our needs, keeping in mind the price to quality ratio, and finally stopped at Arizona Piano Gallery, located in Scottsdale, AZ. Of course, we spent a very long time, browsing and scaning all existing stores in our area, as well as the Internet web sites. We visited many different locations and tested many different brands before we came to a final conclusion. First, we never considered any digital instrument, since we are classical piano players. A good digital piano can be acceptable only as a second instrument, but as a primary instrument for a serious piano player it should never be considered. Testing many different used instruments, selling by people, we found, that it's extremely hard to find anything not even good, but acceptable. Most of them were having serious deep defects, and we could spend a serious amount just to repair them with unknown results. Even the instruments, selling by many companies were below the level that we decided to follow.

Arizona Piano Gallery

Making a very long story short, we finally contacted Arizona Piano Gallery, visited this company, tested several instruments, and stopped our choice at one of them. We were very impressed with their flexible and friendly exchange and warranty policy. This company has a very good set of up-right pianos and grand pianos. They also offer a few digital models, but it was not our primary purpose, and we focused only at the clasical instruments. The price range and discounts were very good and we went ahead with this company. The 10-year warranty and 2 free tunings were very good additions to the purchase contract.

Of course, it's just our personal opinion and anybody can follow his own directions and abilities. For example there are a few more options to buy piano provided on our web site here.

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