Piano Maintenance

Please make sure to have your piano tuned regularly at least once or twice each year, ensuring a sound instrument on which to practice and play.

If you would like us to help you find a piano tuner please contact us directly.

Recommended by USA Piano!

Although we're not expecting you to tune up your piano yourself, you can have other instruments like violin, viola, guitar, etc. Also we can assume that there are professional tuners reading this page. That's why we are happy to publish this link. Here is a free application to help you tune up your music instruments written for Android phones: gStrings Chromatic Tuner. It helps to tune up any string music instrument and does that in a very interesting way. You don't need to buy special devices, all you need is to download and install this application to your Android phone. We tested this it with HTC G2 phone and were very impressed. Recommended by USA Piano!

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